Voxcitio can provide unlimited scale to match your needs




5 Team Members

1,000 Database Contacts




10 Team Members

10,000 Database Contacts

5 hours Monthly Support




UNLIMITED Team Members

UNLIMITED Database ontacts

10 hours Monthly Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few answers to our most frequently asked questions

How do I import my data into Voxcitio?

Brendan Tobin

Head of Growth

You can import using an xl or .csv file. Alternatively, if you have a NationBuilder account you can import your lists.

How are my stakeholders mapped?

Ciara O'Riordan

Content and Social

Voxcitio uses Google mapping software to convert database addresses into points on a map. Certain address elements are required in order to correctly geocode but we advise you on this as you import.

How do I invite team members to my project?

Alan Conway

Customer Success Analyst

All you need to invite someone to your project is their email address. All the rest of the onboarding process takes place automatically.

Can the mobile app be used offline or out of coverage?

Brendan Tobin

Head of Growth

Canvassers can use Voxcitio when offline or out of coverage. The data automatically syncs once they return to coverage.