Security Practices, Policies and Infrastructure

Security of your data is our top priority, to this end:

  • Only key members of the Vconnecta team have direct access to the live database.
  • Secure access over HTTPS (SSL) is provided with all "" domains.
  • All passwords are stored in the database only after being passed through a one-way SHA512 hash
  • Our data-centers have passed the SSAE16 audit

We host Vconnecta Cloud within the Amazon's Web Services (AWS) environment. These are world-class data centers and we make use of their web/application servers, file servers and databases. Vconnecta Cloud spans several layers of the AWS in that we utilise the Elastic Computing (EC2) for our application and web servers, and additionally for other file servers.

Key to all of our security measures is the physical security of the AWS data centers. The buildings that house the centers have significant physical access control, and incorporate extensive seismic bracing as well as the latest smoke and fire early-detection systems. The sites are monitored constantly, 24x7x365, by digital surveillance systems.

The digital security of our system and your information resides behind the AWS firewall, Spam and DOS protections, and is only visible to specifically monitored IP addresses. In effect, you connect to Vconnecta Cloud through an AWS load-balancer via the AWS network, so it should not matter where the computers are.

The third element of the physical security of your data is backups. At the AWS data centers, all the databases are backed up twice a day by one of the file servers and then backed up to the S3 storage.

The RDS Databases are configured to point-in-time recovery, up to the last 5 minutes, within the previous 3 day period, and snapshots of the Database servers are taken every day. All primary database servers have fully replicated slaves are always in sync. The Application and file servers are snapshot on a regular schedule.

Along with the backups comes the ability to restore the data if needed, and our customer care team can help you with this.